Copyright: Kirklees Model Boat Club 2010-2014 Officer of the Day’s Report (Phill Bowker) With 7 entries and awful wet weather, Fred Senior took an early lead with Cathy Wilson overtaking Fred around lap 6-7 when Fred had to clear prop debris. By lap 23 Cathy was in the lead but battery death allowed Fred to retake the lead and complete 27 laps. Terry Scarth increased his previous maximum laps by 4, achieving a commendable 12 laps in total. Well done to all. Click Here to view previous Island Endurance Results 1st Fred Senior R.A.F Launch 27 laps 2nd Cathy Wilson Club 500 23 laps 3rd Peter Dredge MTB 20 laps 4th Baden Buckle Fishing Vessel 18 laps 5th Jack Stanley Dogruff Boat 14 laps 6th Stan Reffin Lobster Boat 13 laps 7th Terry Scarth Clyde Puffer 12 laps