Copyright: Kirklees Model Boat Club 2010-2014 IMPORTANT NOTICE FROM KIRKLEES COUNCIL: We have received a formal notification from the council with regard to RC model cars and aircraft which states: Radio controlled cars. These are not permitted in the park other than in an enclosed space, such as the tennis courts, where they cannot be a nuisance to other visitors. The problem is not so much the car, but more the effect it has on other users of the site, particularly when used around dogs or on footpaths. If people are wanting to use a sports area for it's intended purpose then that will take precedence over the radio controlled car. Petrol powered cars are not permitted at all due to the noise pollution that they cause. Radio controlled aircraft. These are not permitted to fly from anywhere within the boundaries of the park, nor are they allowed to land within the park. This is due to the high risk of injury or accident to people in a public park - this risk is not acceptable for the Council to allow the activity to go ahead on a site of this nature. Any users of a radio controlled vehicle do so at their own risk and are not covered by the Council's insurance if any accident or damage, to person or property, is caused. Kirklees model boat club clothing & badge prices 28- 11-13 Peak caps & woolly hats £05.50 Polo shirts £12.50 Sweat shirts £13.00 Fleeces £16.00 Pin badges £02.00 Car stickers £01.00 All clothing available in small, medium, large, XL & 2 XL sizes Children’s sizes can be obtained but only by special order and cannot be supplied until an order for at least 24 garments are purchased to keep the prices down. Margaret always has badges & car stickers when down at the lake but clothing is only available when ordered the previous week or by phone or Email There have recently been a number of accidents with regard to people trying to cross the bottom step of the waterfall. Would all members please ensure that they stay within the footpaths provided and not try to take short-cuts across the very slippy waterfall area. The club cannot be held liable for any accidents within this matter.